Augmented Reality App for Manufacturing and Industry

March 13, 2018
Available for IOS on the App Store, iQagent AR is the next evolution of the company’s iQagent app.

The app uses Apple's ARKit to allow off-the-shelf creation of persistent augmented reality scenes containing process data and resources from existing plant systems. Once created, the scenes can be accessed by other devices running the same app. It uses QR codes as “Point Of Interest” (POI) markers to identify equipment. Users create POIs for equipment and process areas and associate relevant data points and resources, making for what has been called a unique hybrid of marker based and marker-less systems, because it uses QR codes to both identify equipment and serve as a physical origin point for the scene. Current users can use the app after a simple software update. iQagent allows users to view live process data from PLCs or SCADA, as well as schematics, forms and videos related to the equipment or process area on a mobile device.

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