Vibration Switch Protects Critical Assets

The HS-429 from Hansford Sensors automatically trips in the event of excessive vibration levels, allowing critical systems to be shut down before damage can occur.

The HS-429 Vibration Switch
The HS-429 Vibration Switch

The compact unit has a body length (excluding connectors) or 53 mm and diameter of 27 mm, allowing it to be used in tight spaces. It transmits a 4-20 mA signal, features an adjustable false trigger delay of up to one minute to prevent error trips that may occur at machine startup, and is overload protected to a maximum shock of 100 g. The unit is built around a MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) accelerometer integrated onto the microchip and is quick and simple to set up, with the maximum RMS velocity setpoint and response delay time easily adjustable using two rotating setup dials. It is sealed to IP67 and designed to perform reliably within a temperature range of -25 to +80 ºC, making it suitable for use in a range of sectors, from building services, pulp and paper, mining, and metals, to utilities, automotive, water, and pharmaceutical.

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