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Configurable I/O Marshalling System

Phoenix Contact’s new VIP-ER with Input/Output Accessories (IOAs) system, optimized for Honeywell Experion Universal I/O, helps process engineers get the most out of Universal I/O.

VIP-ER Configurable I/O Marshalling System from Phoenix Contact
VIP-ER Configurable I/O Marshalling System from Phoenix Contact

The system combines high-speed marshalling with the ability to configure wiring functionality on a per-channel basis. The system consists of a base, along with several function-specific input/output modules and compatible accessories. The base serves as a universal foundation to connect any signal and easily marshal it back to the controller. The individual Input/Output Accessories can accept a wide variety of signal types, including passive feed-through , fusing with BFI and disconnects, digital relay, analog signal isolator with HART transparency, 24, 120, or 240 V digital signals, 2-, 3-, or 4-wire analog signals. This flexibility makes it easy to accommodate late-binding project changes. While engineers will still plan the overall I/O count early in the process, they can assign specific IOAs during installation. Additionally, higher-voltage field signals can be easily marshalled and converted for use with the 24 V universal I/O controller. The system was designed to meet the requirements of the Honeywell Experion Universal I/O, but is compatible with configurable I/O controllers from other manufacturers.

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