Machine Automation Controller

The newest version of Omron’s NX1 machine automation controller series is designed to improve productivity through integration with information utilization, quality management and safety.

Machine Automation Controller
Machine Automation Controller

The high degree of integration helps manufacturers collect and use data more effectively and improve overall productivity. The unit collects synchronized data from sensors, servo motors and other devices within the same fixed cycle time thanks to a multicore technology that executes high-speed data processing tasks and machine control tasks simultaneously. The controller then sends all collected data to the host IT system while keeping control performance at the proper level. The unit provides synchronized control of I/O and motion within a 1 ms cycle time and motion control of up to 12 axes to make possible high-speed, high-precision control. The built-in EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, OPC UA and database connection functionality allows information usage within and between machines as well as visualization of production status with MES/SCADA, traceability using a SQL database and other applications. This connectivity enables data usage at production sites and provides an intuitive, secure connection to host IT systems. The database connection model can directly store production information in databases without using PCs or middleware, ensuring traceability of all products in real time and improving quality control.

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