Protect Controllers From Manipulation and Unauthorized Access

The Pilz SecurityBridge protects the company’s PNOZmulti controllers and PSS 4000 automation system from network-based attacks and unauthorized access.

Protect Controllers from Manipulation and Unauthorized Access
Protect Controllers from Manipulation and Unauthorized Access

Plant and machinery are thus not only safe, but also secure, which ensures the safety of employees and increases the availability of the machinery. The unit acts as a firewall, but unlike generic firewalls, does not need complex configuration; thanks to application-specific default settings they are easy to commission using the plug-and-play principle. As well as benefiting from the security aspect, users also enjoy higher plant availability because only the data that is necessary (authorized configuration and process data) is transmitted. Safety needs to both ensure protection for humans and machinery and also offer the necessary degree of flexibility and availability in the smart factory. This requires a holistic approach in terms of safety and security, which can be supported through hardware solutions such as this.

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