HMI Panels Gain New Communication Modules

Red Lion Controls has added five new communication modules to its CR3000 HMI.

HMI Panels Gain New Communication Modules
HMI Panels Gain New Communication Modules

The plug-in modules provide the connectivity users need to add more monitoring and control functionality to their automation systems. Combining an HSPA+ cellular module with the HMI provides a solution to cost-effectively monitor and control remote equipment. The use of high-speed cellular networks eliminates expensive site visits and allows users to receive critical device and performance data in real time, saving time and money. The Profibus DP module adds Profibus DP slave support while the DeviceNet module allows the HMI to perform as a DeviceNet Group 2 server. Originally developed for in-vehicle networking of passenger cars, the CAN and J1939 protocols are also used for engine controllers and in building automation applications such as lift control, embedded door controls and HVAC equipment. When added to CR3000 HMI operator panels, these modules remove the need for external communication gateways, saving time and money by simplifying programming and reducing installation costs.

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