I/O Hubs With M8 Connectivity Simplify Integration

Balluff’s newest I/O hubs deliver M8 quick connect to make possible resilient distributed modular architecture for compact footprint machines and end effectors.

I/O Hubs from Balluff With M8 Connectivity Simplify Integration.
I/O Hubs from Balluff With M8 Connectivity Simplify Integration.

Compact Distributed Modular Architecture enables the company’s IO-Link masters to host up to 248 discrete sensors on a single network node. This eliminates the need for up to 16 network blocks, along with the associated costs for integration. Use of M8 sensors and actuators are primarily geared toward compact footprint machine designs or light weight designs. M12 network blocks are typically used with splitters to integrate M8 sensors in case of distributed architectures. This requires multiple network blocks and splitters which create numerous failure points and add to the overall project budget. These M8 I/O hubs eliminate the additional cost of adding network nodes and splitters by simplifying integration with direct M8 connectivity and unique expansion port strategy. Ports on the configurable hub can be freely configured as input or output, providing short circuit and overload protection per port.

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