Wireless Gas Sensors Increase Toxic Gas Safety

Aug. 8, 2019
Emerson’s Rosemount 628 Universal Gas Sensors add carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion to the list of measurable hazards.

The new sensors provide a broader range of hazardous situations that can be monitored using the Rosemount 928 Wireless Gas Monitor platform, which monitors hazardous conditions in process plants, remote wellheads, pipelines, storage terminals, and other process plants and facilities. It can be easily deployed using a WirelessHART network in areas considered too impractical or expensive for the installation of conventional wired infrastructure. Once monitors are integrated into the wireless network, personnel can simply check the status of the remote monitoring system gas levels. To simplify installation and maintenance, the monitor has hot-swappable main components, including the power module and the toxic gas sensor. Both are intrinsically safe and can be replaced in the field in minutes without the need for tools. The sensor’s calibration information is stored within the sensor, not the transmitter. This allows users to calibrate the sensor in a non-hazardous location and take it to the field for quick exchanges with installed sensors. This further enhances personnel safety by minimizing their time spent in potentially hazardous locations.

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