Virtual Sensor Reads Safe Speed

Oct. 3, 2019
The Safe Speed Observer from B&R determines speed of the company’s Acopos P3 servo drive in accordance with SIL 2 / PL d / CAT 3 requirements.

This reduces the cost of implementing the Safely Limited Speed safety function by eliminating the need for a safe encoder. From the electrical variables of a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the unit uses two redundant models of the motor to calculate the safe speed—achieving a high safety level. The virtual sensor can be used for both linear and rotary synchronous motors. The device is easy to configure in the Automation Studio engineering environment via the respective encoder interface and safe motor parameter settings. The user can implement the safety functions available for the safe axis from the safety library. This new solution is made possible by the drive-integrated safety technology of SafeMOTION.

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