Motion Failure Alarm Facilitates Commissioning and Configuration

Oct. 3, 2019
The Sitrans WM300 (MFA) motion failure alarm from Siemens detects changes in the motion and speed of rotating, reciprocating, or conveying equipment.

It thus acts as an early warning system for a plant’s machinery, alerting users to potential problems before they occur or develop into something more serious. Suggested applications include industries such as mining, aggregates and cement, power generation, as well as, food and beverage. The device replaces many older MFA style controllers, reducing both wiring time and the space required in cabinets. In fact, four units can fit in the same footprint as that of older motion failure alarms. Other new features include the ability to monitor multiple machines at once with twin, independent probe inputs, and an additional two inputs for differential speed detection. With intuitive, easy-to-configure digital programming, users gain precise set point control of machines or processes for accurate alarming that can prevent potentially costly downtime or damage. The alarm also features an optional analog output module, which can convert the device into a non-contacting tachometer with two milliamp outputs. And with its adjustable 0- to 60-second time delay, this intelligent alarm allows the monitored equipment to accelerate to normal running speed before monitoring begins.

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