Camera Modules with MIPI Interfaces

These ultra compact, components from Vision Components enable easy connection of image sensors to more than 20 single-board computers.

2003np Visioncomponents

Able to connect to Nvidia Jetson, DragonBoard, all Raspberry Pi boards, and all 96Boards, new and upcoming MIPI modules for medtech applications include the VC MIPI IMX183, VC MIPI IMX226, and VC MIPI IMX415, which feature outstanding signal-to-noise ratios and sensitivity to light at an excellent price–performance ratio. MIPI modules are suitable for multi camera applications including mobile and distributed applications like autonomous driving, UAVs, Smart City, medical technology, and laboratory automation. Also available are intelligent cameras for embedded vision; an example shown is the DMT100 data matrix reader for surgical instruments from IOSS, which is based on these.

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