High Rate Bulk Bag Discharge System: EasyFlow EF100-200 and Pal ‘Touch Controls

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Bb Discharge High Rate Ef 100 200

Palamatic Process located in Philadelphia, PA, offers a wide range of automated systems for the purpose of powder processing and bulk solids handling. The EasyFlow EF100-200 is an automated high rate bulk bag discharge system for the handling and unloading of bulk bags and super sacks.

Depending on the material and type of bulk bag packaging, EasyFlow systems can average between 20-40 bulk bags per hour. This fully automated bulk solids unloading system can do everything required, including: transfer, loading, cutting and opening, emptying, massaging, removal, and waste package compaction. This system is controlled from a programmable logic controller supplied by Palamatic Process with our integrated Pal ‘Touch automation software.

Palamatic Process is an OEM and system integrator offering products for unloading, conveying, screening, milling, mixing, packing, and automation in your powder manufacturing process. To learn more about the EasyFlow EF100-200 high rate FIBC discharge system, please visit us at our website.  For further information on our PLC software, please visit our webpage for the Pal ‘Touch.

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