Mass Flow Controller for Gas

Burkert's Type 8742/46 mass flow controllers/meters can handle low- to mid- to high-flow gas applications.


The Type 8742/46 range of mass flow controllers/meters (MFC/M) for a range of gas applications now features analog communications onboard and includes an integrated Profibus-DP option. The Type 8742 handles low- to mid-flow, with a nominal range from 0.010 lN/min to 160 lN/min. The Type 8746 is designed for high-flow, covering 20 lN/min up to 2500 lN/min. The latest release adds analogue communications interfaces including 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V or 0-5V. The new Profibus-DP variant features onboard CANopen, which enables integration with all leading Ethernet-based networks and fieldbus. The digital option can support up to 32 MFC/M on one fieldbus gateway.

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