Modular Electrohydrostatic Actuation System

Moog's new product features lower oil requirement, a decentralized system, low mass inertia, and much more.

1 Moog Modular Electrohydrostatic Actuation System

The Modular Electrohydrostatic Actuation System (EAS) features standardized modules with a number of customization options. The system’s smallest scope consists of a basic manifold and an electrohydrostatic pump unit, which Moog delivers as an assembled and tested unit. To expand the system, the basic module can be combined with various options or adapted with additional standardized high-speed manifolds to build a complete motion control system. With the Modular EAS System, the localized power allows for improved energy efficiency due to the elimination of the flow control valving and centralized piping, which reduces the amount of wasted energy commonly found on traditional hydraulic systems. The Modular EAS features: 90% lower oil requirement compared to standard systems and low noise emission for quiet machine operation; a decentralized system that eliminates the need for a large hydraulic power unit and reduces piping; four-quadrant operation technology; and low mass inertia. 

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