3D Metal Printer

Velo3D's new Sapphire XC printer features higher productivity, larger build volume, compatibility with different alloys, and reduces cost-per-part.

2 Velo3 D 3 D Metal Printer

The new Sapphire XC is an extra capacity large-format printer that is said to increase production throughput by 5x and reduce cost-per-part by up to 75% compared to Velo3D’s existing Sapphire system. Features of the new Sapphire XC include: a larger build volume of 600mm x 550mm (compared to 315mm x 400mm in Sapphire); higher productivity with the aid of 8 lasers x 1,000W each (compared to 2 lasers x 1,000W in Sapphire); integration with Flow pre-print software and Assure quality control software; and compatibility with alloys such as Aluminum F357, Titanium 6AI-4V, Inconel 718, and Hastelloy X. Velo3D also announced plans to release Sapphire Gen 2, a software and hardware upgrade to the current Sapphire system. This upgrade will be available to retrofit on all installed systems in Q2 2021. 

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