Intermec: Warehouse Handheld Computers with HTML5 Technology

Sept. 26, 2012
Intermec Inc. looks to gain business leverage in the warehouse distribution space by offering select, handheld mobile computers with HTML5 browser technology, providing greater interoperability with Distribution Center software platforms.

Interoperability is a ubiquitous term these days for good reason, it pays to implement open-platform applications into your products. Intermec Inc. ( is looking to the future with its introduction of the new HTML5-capable browser for select handheld mobile computers from the company. The new HTML5 browser, based on WebKitTM, can now run on iOS, Android, Windows® Mobile and Windows Embedded operating systems. 

Additionally, the HTML5-capable browser supports applications designed to run either online (connected to a web server), off-line (no connection to a web server) or a combination of the two. Offered preloaded and free of licensing fees or license activation requirements, the HTML5 browser is now present on Intermec's CN50, CS40, CN70, CN70e and CK70. It's also available for free download for the CK3, CK71 and CV41. HTML5 applications that run on consumer-grade smartphones and tablets can now also be run on these select Intermec rugged mobile computers without changes or rewrites.

With the HTML5 technology, data can be stored locally on the device until synchronization with the back-end server is available, eliminating time lost due to poor cellular coverage. Transactional data can also be updated quickly with minimal overhead making workflows more responsive.  And, with future operating system roadmaps uncertain, porting applications to HTML5, or developing new applications using HTML5, offers programmers the ability to create a single code base that will run on Windows Mobile, Android and iOS to provide a solid path toward future technologies.

“Intermec’s new HTML5-capable browser offers enterprises the flexibility to equip their mobile workers with a modern user interface and latest business logic, along with the right device for their specific working conditions and usage demands,” says Earl Thompson, Intermec Senior Vice President, Mobile Solutions Business Unit. “Offering much more than the next iteration of web language, Intermec’s HTML5 offering extends the Web paradigm to a whole new class of future-proofed applications by allowing for them to be developed and deployed cross-platform.”

Intermec Inc.