Keyence : Auto-Teaching Machine Vision System

Feb. 5, 2013
The intuitive interface of the CV-X100 Series allows users of all levels to quickly and easily set up robust inspections for their application needs.

New tools, including Auto-Teach Inspection and point and click measurement tools, make inspections quick and easy to create. Auto-Teach Inspection can automatically create an inspection based on a set of good parts: Once shown known good parts the tool will automatically recognize existing variations and recognize any parts that are different as defective. High-precision measurements can be done quickly and easily through simple mouse operations, with no calculations required. Users simply choose the dimension they are looking for, and then draw a line on the top and left edges and the intersection is automatically calculated. The Camera Installation Replication tool guides users to adjust the camera and lens with the correct position, focus, and brightness settings. The tool uses a pre-registered image with which to compare the current image. The result is an easy way to re-adjust bumped cameras or to quickly implement the same vision inspection onto other lines. For ease in troubleshooting the unit's software generates a user manual customized to the user's specific programs. The generated manual will include explanations of the main parameters, a list of tools to be used, basic tool settings, and more. It can also include (if desired) tips describing how each tool's parameter is typically adjusted.

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