Keyence: Multi-Purpose Laser Sensor

Dec. 18, 2013
The LR-T Series of reflective sensors represents a seamless fusion of innovative technology and robust functionality.

The Time of Flight (TOF) detection method and custom integrated circuit enable the sensors to provide consistently stable detection in all applications. Potentially limiting factors like target characteristics such as surface type, color, or finish; or environmental factors such ambient light, mist, or excessive dust do not affect the unit's detection ability, allowing it to be used in a broad range of applications. It is also durable and user friendly, making it suitable for virtually any sensing situation in any environment. Setup is easy as the display screen clearly shows all of the important values needed for setup, calibration, and operation. Intuitive menus make navigation through functions and settings fast and simple. A large, bright indicator light that can be seen from any angle shows the status of the sensor. Wasted time and added frustration caused by complicated menus and ambiguous buttons are not a factor. The unit's compact and durable metal housing has IP65/IP67 enclosure rating, making it suitable for both wash-down and other harsh environments.

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