High Speed Multi-Axis Optical Micrometer

Feb. 17, 2014
Product overview:The LS-9000 series optical micrometer sets a new standard for high speed and high precision diameter inspection.

With a standard sampling rate of 16,000 Hz, the system is designed to keep up with any production line while maintaining an industry leading repeatability of 0.03 µm. In addition the system had been designed from the ground up with durability and ease of use in mind and incorporates several features to both simplify setup and reduce cost of ownership.

Industry Leading Performance

With a newly designed LED system and HS-CMOS, the LS-9000 eliminates errors that were previously endemic to optical micrometers. Not only can the system keep up with modern high throughput production, the enhanced sampling rate virtually eliminates the effects of target vibration on the measurement value. With the next generation enhancements to the optics included in the LS-9000, the system can now achieve an unprecedented repeatability of 0.03 µm. The level of performance achieved by the LS-9000 system allows it to monitor even the tightest production tolerances.

Revolutionary Durability

The LS-9000 series incorporates no moving parts in its design. This not only almost completely eliminates the wear and tears common to traditional systems, it also allows the system to be far more resistant to common production floor mishaps. Incorporating a custom designed vibration isolation system within the head, the LS-9000 is able to resist damage from vibration and impact.

Ease of Use Focused Design

As with all Keyence systems, the LS-9000 incorporates features designed to greatly simplify implementation and reduce setup time. Available with both a target monitor and tilt correction function, users are able to see the position of the target in the measurement axis in real time via an integrated CMOS camera, as well as correct for any misalignment in the part due to imperfect part presentation.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

In addition to the greatly reduced maintenance costs due to Keyence's industry leading durability, the LS-9000 allows streamlining the inspection process by incorporating the capability for on-board monitoring of up to four measurement axes per LS-9000 series controller. In addition, this controller has the ability to perform a variety of SPC, Calculation, and data logging functions as well as incorporates optional network and PLC interface systems.

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