Siemens: Compact Coriolis Flow Meter

The Sitrans FC410 is for skid and machine builders.

Aw 21481 1403np Siemens

With dimensions of only 10.4 x 11 x 3.5 inches and a weight of 10 lbs in the 1/2 inch sensor, the meter is suitable for integration into machine and plant construction or for frame-mounted equipment in chemical, oil and gas and food and beverage industries. The unit features a measuring accuracy of 0.1% of rate and communicates with Simatic and all other common process control systems via the multidrop-addressable Modbus RTU485 and can be integrated easily into both existing and new systems. Installation and commissioning of the flow meter require only simple, one-time configuration in the control system. If a flow meter is moved or further flow meters are connected, the user settings are automatically transferred. The combination of compact design, high accuracy and a high degree of environmental protection orients the unit toward use in almost any facility, especially where space is very limited.

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