Balluff: High-Resolution Light Grid

The BLA 50A-001-S115 has a width of 50 mm and a range of up to 2 meters.

Aw 22727 1405np Balluff

The emitter produces a parallel laser light band with an active width of 50 mm, while CCD technology in the receiver allows detection at emitter-receiver distances of up to 2 meters. The system detects up to four edges and provides outputs of the diameter and position of up to three different objects simultaneously. The user can teach-in up to six different objects using the buttons and can hide obstructions in the measuring field (blanking); this way different objects can be reliably detected, compared and sorted based on minimal differences in size. The emitter and receiver are encased in a industrial housings and can be easily and quickly aligned using the live graphic display on the receiver's integrated multifunction display. Applications include counting parts, height measurement and height control, presence control and position control and precision web edge guiding.

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