Moore Industries: WirelessHART Temperature Transmitter

The THZ WirelessHART Temperature solution combines the company’s THZ Smart HART Temperature Transmitter and the Bullet WirelessHART Adapter by MACTek into one self-powered package for remote locations.

Aw 25368 Thz Bullet Battery Thermowell Moore Industries

The new WL housing includes a battery case using off-the-shelf D-type lithium batteries wired to the transmitter and the Bullet. The THZ WirelessHART assembly allows the THZ to transmit critical temperature and HART diagnostic information to a WirelessHART gateway in situations where power is not readily available. The BULLET prevents the loss of critical temperature readings by monitoring the battery voltage and setting a HART alarm bit when it nears critical levels. It also supports programming via a DTM with an FDT-compliant host. Other features include 20-bit input resolution and long-term stability specifications, with up to five years of service between scheduled calibrations; and the ability to be either factory- or field-configured. A weatherproof IP66 NEMA Type 4X dual compartment housing is available for installation in rugged field areas.

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