Omega Engineering: Low Profile Compression Load Cells

The LC411-USBH Series high speed USB load cells connect directly to a computer.

Aw 25416 1406np Omega

The units capture 1000 readings per second, and free PC software makes data logging and charting readings a simple task. Also included are .NET APIs and a command set for command line access. No additional power supply is needed, as the load cell is powered directly from the computer's USB port. Five-point NIST traceable calibration is provided and dual bridge models are available. The unit features all stainless steel construction for harsh industrial environments. Response time is up to 1 ms with non-impact loading, linearity is ±0.13% full scale and hysteresis is ±0.12% full scale for loads less than 3000 lb, while linearity and hysteresis are both ±0.10% full scale for greater loads. Repeatability is ±0.05%, and safe overload is 150% of full scale capacity. Operating temperature is -40 to 80 °C (-40 to 176 °F).

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Omega Engineering, Inc.

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