Advantech: Remote Device Management Software

SUSIAccess 3.0 adds web-based structure, seamless SW/HW monitoring, and user-friendly map-view interface.

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With the coming of the Internet of Things, the latest version of this remote device management software aims to accelerate the adoption of device designs and ensure manageability, security, and connectivity of numerous, widely deployed, intelligent devices. The now has a Console-Server-Agent web-based structure for cloud management and easier setup; administrators can perform equipment status and maintenance checks through an internet browser at any time, from anywhere, using any connected device. In order to ensure device stability, the software actively monitors device temperatures, fan speeds, voltages, and the states of hard disks and other hardware and sends out active alerts if it detects any abnormalities. In addition, it provides map-view interface and leverages Google and Baidu maps to help administrators locate and manage their devices more easily, and provides for building diagrams to help pinpoint device locations in offices, factories, or wherever.

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