Balluff: Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

MICROmote photoelectric sensors provide high optical performance in a small space.

Aw 27642 1410np Balluff

The sensors are useful in small installation spaces and on moving machine parts and robot grippers, where low weight is necessary. The feature a metal housing and are operated with a separate amplifier, which can be positioned outside of the action area. The photoelectric sensor heads have dimensions of just a few millimeters, and can be used for position detection of small parts, identification and counting of objects or detecting the filling levels of foaming liquids. Features include extremely flexible sensor cables with no bending radius limitations and microoptical components for perfectly shaped light beams. Available products include, diffuse sensors, through-beam sensors, high-vacuum sensors, fork sensors, but also precision hose sensors used, for example, in the detection of liquids and bubbles.

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