Omega: Pressure Sensor

The PX51-USBH pressure sensor features high speed USB output.

Aw 31713 1412np Omega

A 1 kHz 24bit high precision USB core works with a heavy duty bonded film pressure sensor to extend USB output capability to pressure ranges up to 30K psi. The unit features an all stainless steel body with a choice of Imperial or metric pressure ports, and is temperature compensated from 60 to 160 ºF (15.5 to 71 ºC), and can be operated between -50 and 185 ºF (-45 to 85 ºC). The sensor is available in pressure ranges from 750 to 30K psi. Accuracy is ±0.25% FS (linearity and hysteresis combined), and span and zero thermal effects are 0.003 and 0.005% FSO/F respectively. The sensor is CE approved to industrial specification EN16326-1:2006. The company's newly designed software, which allows graphing, logging, and displaying of data from multiple sensors, comes free of charge. Additionally, the digital pressure data can be accessed via ASCII commands, .NET APIs (included), and LabVIEW.

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