Teledyne DALSA: Quadlinear Line Scan Camera for Multispectral Imaging

The Piranha4 2k camera features red, green, and blue (RGB) outputs plus a near infrared (NIR) channel for multispectral imaging.

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Wafer-level dichroic filters allow spectrally independent RGB and NIR outputs, enhancing detection capability for a wide range of machine vision applications, including print, bank note inspection, electronics manufacturing, food and material sorting. The NIR channel eliminates the need for a trilinear camera (for color imaging) with a monochrome camera (for NIR imaging) in a system. The camera is available in 2k resolution with 14.08 micron pixel size and delivers a maximum line rate of 70 kHz. In addition to its multispectral capability, it features sub-pixel spatial correction, horizontal parallax correction, multiple AOI and ROI, and independent exposure time for each color channel. Flat field correction can be done on each channel or as a group. Other features include small form factor; sub-pixel spatial correction; horizontal parallax correction; multiple AOI/ROIs for output and calibration and selectable 8, 10, or 12 bit depth.

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Teledyne DALSA

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