AutomationDirect: AC and DC Current Switches

The AcuAMP series of AC and DC current sensors offer flexibility and durability.

Aw 31730 Acuamp Line Ext

The ACSN100-AE-F AC current switch has a fixed setpoint of 0.5 A and monitors current up to 100 A. The normally open solid-state switch output rated for 120 VAC/DC, 0.15 A and has a small size, making it useful in crowded control panels. The ACSN250 series AC current switches, available in fixed and split-core styles, also feature a fixed setpoint (fixed core: 0.75 A, split core: 1.25 A) and monitor current up to 250 A. They have an output rated for 240 VAC/DC, 0.15A. ACSL series AC current switches feature 3/4-turn linear setpoint adjustment; designed to monitor conductor current up to 150 A, they feature a two-second delay before contact transfer to ignore motor inrush current and are output rated for 240 VAC/DC, 0.15 A. Additional ACTR series AC current transducers include models with a flexible split core sensing coil for easy installation around large conductors in crowded panels and have true RMS current sensing ranges of 500 A, 1000 A or 2000 A with a 4-20 mA output. DCT Series DC current transducers are for higher current ranges of 500 A, 750 A, 1000 A, or 1200 A. The 24 VAC/DC powered units have a larger diameter aperture to accommodate larger conductors and provide a 4-20 mA output; the fixed core housing is designed with a built-in 35 mm DIN rail mounting.

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