NUMERIK-JENA: Slim Angle Encoder

The RIK kit-style optical angle encoder without bearing is aimed at motion feedback applications where space is limited.

Aw 68557 1505np Numerik Jena

The scanning unit has a very low height profile of just 6 mm and the graduation carrier is a coated aluminum disk with a wide range of available sizes. The encoder serves applications in a wide variety of industries such as semiconductor, medical, metrology, and automation. The encoder disks have a graduation of 20 µm with outer diameters ranging from 26 mm to 200 mm and have large through-holes from 6 mm to 160 mm respectively. The encoder disks need to be bonded to a hub; the user can do this, or depending on the hub design, the company can offer the disk bonding process as a service. The scanning units can be programmed once installed to the disk in order to maximize the signal quality and build in signal margin for long life of the machine operation. The scanning units output either a 1 Volt peak-to-peak analog or TTL interface. Rotational speed of the disk varies with signal interface and diameter, but can be up to16,600 rpm. Total line counts after TTL quadrature evaluation can be up to 9,600,000.

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