Artila Releases Machine-to-Machine Sensors and Actuators Solution

Remote data acquisition and control via MQTT connectivity

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RIO-2010 Modbus / TCP Remote Digital IO Module
RIO-2010 Modbus / TCP Remote Digital IO Module

Artila Electronics, the leading designer and manufacturer of embedded device networking and computing, is proud to release the enhanced RIO-2010, the new generation of web enabled data acquisition and control module with MQTT support. MQTT is a lightweight publish / subscribe messaging protocol which is an OASIS standard and is ideal for sensor and device communication with low network bandwidth.

RIO-2010 is equipped with MAXIM 1-wire bus to acquire temperature data from DS18B20 digital thermometer, 16 isolated digital input channels to monitor the high / low status and 8 relays to perform On/Off control. The built-in web server is used to configure the alarm settings, On/Off control strategy and email alert. Once alarm, RIO-2010 will send message to MQTT broker, log event, trigger relay on or off and send email to the administrators.

In addition to MQTT, RIO-2010 also supports Modbus TCP / RTU control and Web AJAX interface which makes system integration flexible and easy. The management utility software is available for users to configure network and MQTT, authorized IP to access it and Modbus settings.

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