Leine & Linde: Ring Encoders

The MRI 2000 ring encoders are now available in more standard sizes, with fast delivery.

Aw 86816 1508np Heidenhain

Designed to provide feedback for large rotating machinery typically found in the construction, pulp & paper, oil & gas, wind and marine industries, the ring encoder product line was also recently updated to enable relaxed tolerances for the sensor pickup mounting. The ring encoder is segmented into pieces for simple commissioning and service. The pieces can be mounted between machinery parts from two sides of a shaft and screwed together, and are easier to handle in transport and storage. Virtually any size ring is possible up to 1 meter ID, and any resolution is available from 1 to 16383 signal periods per revolution. Both clamp-fit and flange-mounted versions are available. ClampFit units, for use with large cylindrical shafts, are now available in 100 mm, 235mm and 325mm, with delivery as fast as two weeks, with delivery as fast as two weeks when ordered with standard gap sensors. Flange-mounted units are now available in 310 mm, 325 mm, 430 mm, 737 mm and 765 mm; delivery of these larger products is 10 weeks ARO.

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