Balluff: Inductive Sensor for Robotic End Effectors

The SuperShorty inductive sensors are for compact applications such as robotic end effectors.

Aw 82805 1506np Balluff

Light-weight and miniature sensors are a requirement for robotic end effectors, where weight and installation space have to be carefully accounted for. These sensors are extremely lightweight, down to 0.7 grams, and with diameters as small as 6.5mm and lengths as short as 6 mm they claim to be the shortest inductive sensors on the market. They feature self-contained electronics, making remote amplifiers unnecessary, and have stainless steel housings, making them suitable for a wide range of challenging applications. Their small housing and low weight combined with their high-switching precision allow the sensors to fulfill the requirements for robotic end effectors. The sensors can be installed into cramped places where typical tubular inductive sensors simply won't fit, while their extremely low mass enables abrupt acceleration and deceleration on highly dynamic, fast-moving equipment without adding excessive inertial load. Despite their small size, their electrical outputs are fully protected against short circuits and polarity reversal.

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