Balluff: Cylinder Position Sensors

Strokemaster cylinder-position sensors provide precision end-of-stroke sensing for hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders.

Aw 86809 1508np Balluff

The sensor housing allows 304° of rotation that eliminates the hassle of post installation cable adjustments. This rotating feature also eliminates the need to unbolt the flange from the cylinder and breaking the seal. A high-pressure, inductive proximity sensor, the unit provides a 2 mm (0.08 inch) sensing range to detect the "spud" of hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders which indicates fully retracted or extended position. It mounts with just two screws, and seals with an O-ring. Withstanding cylinder pressures to 3000 psi (207 BAR), the embeddable design keeps most of the switch protected within the cylinder, with only a 0.62 inch (16 mm) high housing exposed outside. The rotating housing can be locked in any desired position with either one of two set screws. Sensors are available in three-wire DC and two-wire AC/DC versions, both with mini or micro connectors. Switching frequency is 50 Hz for the AC/DC versions. All units are weld-field immune and short-circuit, and reverse-polarity protected. They fit all popular cylinder designs, with standard probe lengths of 0.912 to 4.560 inch (23.165 to 115.8 mm). Custom probe lengths can be achieved by using spacer kits. Probes are made of stainless steel with a ceramic face. Both DC and AC/DC sensors have all metal housings.

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