Yokogawa: Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The AQ6375B operates in the Short-Wavelength Infrared Region (SWIR), covering wavelengths from 1200 to 2400 nm.

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With a design based on the company's highly successful AQ6375 instrument, the new analyzer combines high measurement performance with ease of operation, and incorporates a number of new features including a gas purging feature, a built-in cut-off filter, data-logging capabilities, a double-speed mode, and support for Windows file sharing. The instrument offers high wavelength accuracy of ±0.05 nm (1520 to 1580 nm) ±0.50 nm (full range) and high wavelength resolution of 0.05 nm, a wide close-in dynamic range of 55 dB, and a wide measurement level range from +20 dBm to -70 dBm. The use of an advanced monochromator design helps to separate spectral signals in close proximity to one another, and improves the dynamic range by reducing the influence of stray light. In conjunction with new high-speed circuitry and noise reduction techniques, the monochromator also enables the analyzer to achieve a high measurement speed: up to 0.5 sec/100 nm. The double-speed mode makes it possible to measure an optical signal in half the time compared with the conventional mode, with only a 2 dB penalty over the standard sensitivity value.

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