Discrete Fiber Amplifier Features Long Range Sensing Capability

Banner Engineering's DF-G3 discrete long-range fiber amplifier has dual digital displays for use with plastic and glass fiber optic assemblies.

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The unit can sense more than 3 meters (10 ft.) with opposed mode fibers or more than 1 meter (3 ft.) with diffuse mode fibers. The extra power provides increased detection reliability for dark targets at long range and enhanced detection sensitivity when using specialty fiber assemblies for large area and small part detection applications. The sensor is available with a single discrete output or two dual discrete outputs; the dual discrete outputs can be independently taught to trigger at different intensity values, which is suitable for correct part-in-place or error-proofing, bottle down, and edge guiding applications. Users can also set up the sensor remotely via a multi-function input wire that can be configured to control the LED, gate the amplifier's output, remote teach the amplifier, or set up a robust cross-talk avoidance ring with up to seven amplifiers to solve dense sensing point applications. The unit offers a simple interface to ensure easy setup and programming via displays and switches. The dual digital displays show both signal level and threshold simultaneously. Expert TEACH and SET functions ensure optimal gain and threshold for all applications, but especially for low-contrast applications at long detection range. Users also have full control over all operating parameters, including threshold, light or dark operate, output timing functions, gain level and response speed.

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