Software for Seamless Recording and Analysis of Process and Production Data

Beckhoff's TwinCAT Analytics facilitates machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0 and IoT.

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The software provides a complete temporal image of the manufacturing process and the production data. This offers an information baseline, not only to assist in the event of an error, but also to make possible comprehensive condition analysis of the machine, among other advanced functions. The recorded process and production data can be analyzed online or offline, and machine cycles can be examined for minimum, maximum and average values of the cycle times. Total runtimes and time differences of production processes can be gleaned from cycle counters or offline trace analyses, e.g. via "post-scope configuration" in TwinCAT Scope View Professional. For predictive maintenance, logging of data from operating hour counters, frequency analysis or RMS calculations, allows implementation of high-performance condition monitoring. Moreover, the system facilitates limit value monitoring for different process data. Pattern recognition for detecting irregularities and repetitions in the recorded data further improves the reliability of the process sequence.

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