Vision Sensors

SBSI vision sensors from Festo feature fast and easy set-up and integrated lighting, and are EtherNet/IP enabled for networking with Rockwell control architectures.

Aw 102158 1606np Festo

These low cost vision sensors for code reading and quality inspection are aimed at North American OEMs to incorporate vision sensing into their solutions, and can be ordered as components, parts of a sub-system ready for assembly, or incorporated into a plug-and-play module. The SBSI-B reads 1D and 2D codes, and can be used to identify, track and trace products for production flow, logistics, and serialization. It can also read DPM codes, including both laser etched and dot-peened codes, and can check for the quality of a DPM code, reading up to 10 codes per image. The SBSI-Q for quality inspection can be used for completeness and presence sensing, fill level and the like; it can compare an object's contour with taught-in reference contour, and can compare patterns and evaluate pixels within the search area by calculating contrast, brightness, or variations in gray scale.

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