Net Oil Coriolis Transmitter

The Foxboro NOCT60A is an all-in-one Coriolis meter and flow computer that offers a cost-effective, single-box solution for net oil measurement applications.

Aw 102160 1606np Foxboro

Consisting of a Foxboro CFT51 Coriolis transmitter plus a CFS10, CFS20, or CFS25 mass flowtube, the transmitter integrates high-speed digital Coriolis technology with a built-in flow computer equipped with Realflo software to measure net oil volumes on the liquid leg of two-phase separators or the oil leg of three-phase separators. The transmitter can solve common problems associated with the measurement of production fluids, including incomplete separation and gas carry-under, can detect adverse conditions such as fluid erosion, corrosion, and flow tube coating. Digital signal processing enables continuous two-phase measurement, partial empty-tube conditions, online flow tube verification, and online pressure compensation. User configurable I/O types include analog current output and alarm frequency or scaled pulse output, contact output, and contact input. The transmitter can communicate with SCADA host systems using Modbus protocols. The flow computer uses Realflo software to provide net oil measurement to the API 11.1 standard, including produced oil, emulsion, produced water, net oil, well-test, and gas measurement. The transmitter also incorporates a programmable logic controller, giving users the option to extend or enhance built-in transmitter capabilities using PLC-style logic.

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