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Three new instruments from Honeywell are designed to provide reliable and accurate volume and energy value measurement across a wide range of applications.

Aw 105470 1609np Honeywell

The TwinSonicplus two-in-one ultrasonic gas meter for custody transfer measurement combines the existing Q.Sonicplus ultrasonic meter with an additional independent measurement for verification in the same body for improved confidence, greater efficiency and more reliable operations. A six-path configuration for the primary measurement provides detailed flow profile measurement, noise immunity, and excellent pressure and velocity abilities. The Encal 3000 gas chromatograph is for natural gas energy measurements; it delivers high repeatability and compositional accuracy to enable users to improve both heating value and volumetric (via compressibility) custody transfer measurements. Optimized for varying shale gas compositions the unit provides excellent gas-composition measurements from <900 to >1150 BTU/scf using a single, moderate BTU calibration gas — and it requires no routine maintenance. The GasLab Q2 online gas quality analyzer provides fast, continuous analysis of natural gas’s calorific value, Wobbe index and methane number to optimize billing, efficiency and emissions. It is appropriate for users whose operations and emissions are adversely impacted by fuel quality variations.

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