Optical Temperature Transmitter

The Foxboro RTT15S optical temperature transmitters from Schneider Electric feature large, backlit LCD displays with optical configuration buttons — operable through the glass cover of the unit’s explosion-proof housing — that enable users to locally configure and operate the transmitter even in hazardous locations without the need for process shutdown.

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The transmitters use the HART version 5 or 7 communication protocols, and can receive input signals from thermocouples, RTDs, and ohm or millivolt sources. Their electronics minimize ambient temperature effects while delivering accuracy, repeatability, and linearization of input signals. An advanced automatic calibration routine continuously checks zero and full-scale outputs against factory-calibrated voltage signals stored in nonvolatile memory. If needed, adjustments are made automatically without interrupting transmitter output signals. In addition to three configuration buttons, the optional LCD display offers a selectable red or white backlight, five lines of text or symbols, configurable bar graphs, intuitive menus, and scrolling help text in seven major languages — English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, and Danish. The configurable backlight can be programmed to change colors or flash upon diagnostic error detection. In applications where the optional LCD display and explosion-proof housing are not required, the transmitter is available as a basic module that can be configured remotely using PC-based Device Type Manager (DTM) software or a handheld controller. Other user-configurable features include low and high out-of-range values (between 3.5 and 23 mA); sensor error detection, with output values based on shorted and open sensor conditions; and direct selection of error detection using NAMUR 43 values.

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