Multi Smart Camera Vision System

Jan. 24, 2017
The In-Sight VC200 series from Cognex gets faster with each camera added.

Traditional multi-camera systems use “dumb” cameras that share the same processer, resulting in slower performance as more cameras are added, limiting multi-camera systems to applications with simultaneous acquisitions. This system overcomes these restrictions because the processing power actually increases with each additional camera, expanding the number of multi-camera inspection applications. This improved performance helps keep pace with fast-moving production lines and also provides the flexibility to solve applications with sequential or asynchronous inspections. The system includes a fully customizable, web-enabled HMI, providing monitoring and control through password-protected access levels. This enables operators to view inspections, controls engineers to modify parameters and plant managers to review performance statistics simultaneously from any iOS-, Android- or Windows-based device with a web browser. As with the company’s other vision systems, multi-camera applications are easy to set up with In-Sight Explorer software. The graphical workflow simplifies vision applications by separating the inspection steps into manageable tool blocks. It also provides access to vision tools (including PatMax Redline, OCRMax and others) through the familiar spreadsheet interface.

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