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Wide-Range DC Voltage Transducers

The MACX MCR-VDC from Phoenix Contact feature easier programming and push-in connection technology.

Aw 113256 1701np Phoenixcontact

The transducers have a user-friendly programming interface and optional push-in connection technology (PT). The transducer family recently secured UL/cUL Listing, making the units suitable for use in a wide range of applications. The new transducers have the same footprint and technical capabilities as the previous MCR-VDC-UI-B-DC transducer, but features selectable analog outputs ranging from 2 to 10 V/4-20 mA (unipolar) or ±10 V/0 to ±20 mA (bipolar). An optional teach-in function simplifies zero/span adjustments. The new series can operate between -25 and 60 ºC (-13 to 140 ºF), compared with a range of -25 to 50 ºC (-13 to 122 ºF) for the earlier module. Monitoring voltage with the module makes it easier to spot maintenance issues and to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of any DC system between 0 and ±660 VDC. Application examples include DC power supplies, battery banks, solar arrays and combiner boxes, DC power buses, and DC generators.

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