Magnetic Kit Encoders

Jan. 25, 2017
Encoders from POSITAL feature multi-turn range with no need for backup batteries.

The encoders are based on the company’s self-contained magnetic rotary encoders used with servomotors and rotating equipment, but with the core components of these instruments available as separate assemblies that can be readily integrated into other products. Magnetic technology makes them less costly, less vulnerable to contamination from oil or dust and more resistant to shock and vibration than optical disk encoders. The encoders provide an all-electronic multi-turn absolute position measuring capability that evaluates the full absolute angular position, including the total number of shaft rotations. The kits are easy to incorporate into normal manufacturing processes since they don’t require extra-precision, near-cleanroom assembly conditions. A built-in self-calibration capability can compensate for small sensor-to-shaft alignment errors. The electronic components, including Hall-effect sensors, a 32-bit microprocessor and the Wiegand-wire energy harvesting system, are packaged in a convenient 36 mm diameter, 24.2mm deep unit. For servomotors with magnetic brakes, a special magnetic shield has been developed to isolate the magnetic pickups of the measurement system from the external magnetic fields. Resolution is 17 bits, with an accuracy of better than ±0.1°. The operating temperature range is -40 to +105 °C (-40 to 221 ºF). The devices are available with a variety of non-proprietary communications protocols, including BISS, SSI and RS485-based protocols.

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