Wired HART Vibrating Fork Level Detector

The Rosemount 2140 features remote proof-testing capability and advanced diagnostics to help improve safety and increase process availability.

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Offering enhanced ease of use, the device provides reliable level detection while helping increase safety and efficiency of both plant and workers. It performs in applications with high temperatures and harsh conditions unsuitable for other level monitoring devices. It is easy to install and maintain as there are no moving parts, and is virtually unaffected by flow, bubbles, turbulence, foam, vibration, sediments content, coating, liquid properties and product variations. It can be used to monitor not only liquids but also liquid-to-sand interface, which enables the build-up of sand or sludge deposits in a tank to be detected. Compatible with the HART 5 and HART 7 hosts, the unit enables operators to continuously monitor electronic and mechanical health. Frequency Profiling functionality immediately detects any build-up, fork blockage, or excessive corrosion, indicating maintenance may be required and allowing this to be scheduled during periods of downtime. In addition, Power Advisory functionality monitors voltage and current drawn over the device’s lifetime with a process alert for potential issues that could become a problem, such as corrosion. For safety-critical applications, a dedicated version certified to IEC61508 is available with a 97% safe failure fraction and 96% diagnostics coverage, making it one of the safest SIL2 devices available.

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