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Seeq R17 expands easy-to-use visual data analytics, and introduces monitoring and predictive analytics features.

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A key innovation in the new release is support for visual analytics on data in any time reference to provide improved correlation analysis of historical data sets, monitoring support of incoming data, and predictive analytics to anticipate future events and issues. Other new features include interactive tools for batch analytics with reference lines, boundaries, and cleansing data; new multivariate regression and reference signals for “golden batch” analytics for machine earning; continuous monitoring support for analytics on incoming data, and predictive analytics for calculations on future outcomes. In addition, multiple users work together in real time by sharing views in Seeq Workbench’s browser-based interface. Multiple users can also reuse formulas and searches among projects, and annotate data for later use. Also new is journaling for capturing collaborative notes in situ. In addition, users can now connect to and integrate data from Oracle databases.

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