Fast Gas Chromatograph

The PGC5009 from ABB provides accurate and reproducible retention times and weight percentage measurements required for boiling point curve, calculation enabling optimized refinery process control.

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The unit features speed and accuracy for advanced process control, and helps users capture millions of dollars of refinery product yields and catalyst life extension. A relatively small shift in the cut point (the threshold temperature for good product) for any refinery product can cost refiners millions of dollars in profits. In the absence of fast, accurate and reproducible boiling point data, refinery product yields are not optimized and, more importantly, profits are lost. This unit’s patented resistively heated micro packed column design for fast C1-C36 separation and rapid cooling system helps ensure superior chromatography. It can do an ASTM D3710 (Gasoline) in less than 4 minutes and an ASTM D2887 (Diesel) analysis in less than 5 minutes. Other features include an integrated sample system, communication for remote health monitoring, connectivity to the STAR Data Management System and an open, accessible oven and electronics enclosure.

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