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Building Process Awareness

C-Labs Factory-Relay Machine Monitor makes it easier for plant managers and supervisors to be aware of the current state of the plant floor, and to understand what has happened over the past day, week, and month.

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Rather than drowning managers and supervisors in data, the system provides the answer to a simple question: which machines are doing value-adding work right now? Plant managers and supervisors often do not have a full understanding of what is happening on the shop floor at a given point in time. And “managing by walking around” doesn’t work well, because it lacks timely perspective. For example, if a machine is down, has it been down all morning? Or is an operator simply changing a part or reloading raw materials? Not knowing makes it difficult to focus attention on the right things to maximize productivity and profitability. This is unlike Manufacturing Execution Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning systems that tend to be expensive, complex, collect irrelevant data, and produce confusing metrics — and may require manual entry of data by machine operators and technicians, which is often overlooked and results in misleading data and poor decisions. In contrast, this system automatically collects simple data, available from any machine, and delivers a continuous live view of operations available to be shared on the shop floor, the corporate network, and from remote locations via smartphone or tablet.

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