Data Analytics Software Gains Publishing Features and Support for Microsoft Azure

The latest version of Seeq R18 adds additional flexibility in the way items are displayed in the advanced trending interface, as well as an Organizer feature to assemble the results of investigations and analytics on time series data into dynamic documents for reports and dashboards.

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Also new is support for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, with availability on the AppSource marketplace and support for Azure Active Directory. The new Organizer module builds on the investigation and analytics in the company’s Workbench, enabling visualizations from any worksheet to be inserted into a document dynamically generated for any time range and/or operating condition. These documents can serve as the basis for weekly/monthly reports, daily standup meetings, operating period comparisons, batch summaries, incident analyses, and many other scenarios. Insights from process engineers can be quickly accessed via these documents by operators, analysts, managers, and other plant employees.

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