Self-Calibrating RTD Temperature Sensor

The iTHERM TruSens temperature sensor from Endress+Hauser calibrates itself after every Sterilize in Place (SIP) operation.

Aw 159807 1711np Endresshauser

The self-calibration process functions in situ and provides the necessary documentation to meet the conformance requirements of regulatory agencies. It eliminates the risk of an undetected calibration drift and reduces the need for frequent calibrations by verifying the sensor is working as designed in between manual calibration cycles. The sensor uses a built-in, high precision ceramic reference based on the Curie Point of the reference material; that is, the temperature at which its ferromagnetic properties abruptly change. For applications using SIP operations it uses a reference material with a Curie Point of 118 °C (244 °F) that sends a signal when the SIP process reaches 118 °C, and measures the temperature to check calibration; if measured deviation is outside set limits, the device issues an alarm or error message, which is also displayed via a local LED. The sensor can store up to 350 calibrations that can be used for verification of compliance, and can also produce printable and uploadable audit-proof calibration certificates using asset management software. Built-in Heartbeat Technology monitors the sensors and sends warnings when it detects a sensor failure, drift or other measurement errors. The sensor measures temperatures from -40 to 160 °C (-40 to 320 °F), works in pressures up to 725 psi, and provides a 4-20 mA output with HART.

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