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Absolute Linear Encoder with SIL 2

Balluff’s BML S1G-series absolute magnetic linear encoder is now available with SIL 2 certification.

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The SIL 2 certification means that the unit can be used in machine safety applications. This encoder is already a leading option for highly accurate, highly dynamic position feedback; the new SIL 2 certification allows machine designers to take advantage of this absolute position feedback system with machine safety applications in one device, and in critical applications such as those where machine movement must be either prevented, or slowed to a speed that is considered safe, and making it possible to implement safety functions such as Safely Limited Speed (SLS), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), and Safe Torque Off (STO). The encoder meets the requirements for DIN EN ISO 13849-1:2015, Machine Directive, Performance Level D; is easy to set up, with no configuration required for the position feedback; is accurate over measuring lengths up to 48 meters; and has position resolution to 1 µm. It also features convenient integrated parameterization and diagnostic functions.

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